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Studio arrangement ideas...
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Author Studio arrangement ideas...
So attached is a photo of my current setup.

I'm trying to figure out how to end up with nothing on my desk but the iMac, the monitors, and maybe the KeyStep. I'm wondering what kind of things I can think about to get that 12U stand I have + the Abyss, and the pedal board all off the desk but still in a very usable location. The Structure case as well.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts. Studio/workspace arrangement is interesting to me.

Appreciate it.

Your image doesn't tell us what your ceiling is like, structurally. Could you suspend anything from the ceiling? Alternatively, swingarms mounted to the walls so that you can pull things in and out as you wish?
Get that lamp off the table, move the modular to the right and then move your rack and other stuff to the left of the modular. Move the computer between the monitors.

Also I can't tell how wide the room is but it looks like your speakers are too close together, I would move them a bit farther apart.
This isn't what you want to hear but the speakers are too close to the wall and the corner. Front-ported speakers are meant to be better for positioning close to walls.
If moving the desk away from the wall is not an option you could maybe try having the speakers spanning the corner so that they're on either side of the iMac. Then maybe put some acoustic absorber things on the walls and in the corner. And yeah, swivel brackets are handy. You can also get ones that clamp onto the desk.

I've set up my stuff so that I can use it both sitting and standing, with the help of swivel arm brackets.
LNerell wrote:
Get that lamp off the table, move the modular to the right and then move your rack and other stuff to the left of the modular. Move the computer between the monitors.

I'd say keep the lamp if it's CV controllable.
My 19" rack is on wheels on the floor below the table. Maybe not ideal for the Dekkard's Dream though. Works fine for my Matrix 1000 and other rack gear.
Red Electric Rainbow
giving all your gear to me will definitely free up some desk space. DM for shipping address. Thanks in advance.
Let's start with this - why do you want these items off of the desk? How much additional space outside of the desk do you have to work with?
can't go wrong with a 19" two post networking rack
I’m in the same boat, but I’m a bit more busy... don’t mind the speakers, as they are awaiting plynths in the other side of the room, but this is currently my back wall...

Dave Kendall
Try a Jaspers A-frame stand. Infinitely adjustable tiers, strong if you use both front and back support bars, and can even have wheels on the bottom, so you can move it around to, say, get at the back to easily fix/modify/check something.

Jaspers Keyboard stands
You could build a raised shelf for the back third of the whole desk, 30cm higher, as deep as the euro and rack stands. Then you'd get all the space underneath available, and be able to fit your speakers on it, hopefully with the tweeters at ear height. This might make the euro too high up, so you could keep that at the current height if more comfortable and not have the shelf cover both sides of the desk.

You might want to then swap out your deckards rack to something non-angled, as it will be higher up. I use plain 8u rack ears without bracing, but have a sturdy 1u rack effect at the bottom to keep it resting safely on the desk.

Post your next setup when you get there!
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