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arkanar video synth project
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Author arkanar video synth project
old gregg
I've been working on a video synth for my own purposes (mostly to design electronic stuff). However, maybe you guys could be interested in it ?

it's a video synth witch 6 modes and a horizontal VCO that can modulate the converter and the keyer. The vco can also be modulated by another VCO.

it has a blend to mix the vco (black/white) and the modified video. A edge circuit is also at the end of the circuit, as well as a luma-glitch control that controls the luminance and can also create glitches when reducing the luminance to almost black (signal below the sync signal).

the quality of what follow is not great due to the very cheap video converter from ebay I used.

wow! those stills are looking good!

I'm interested smile

you shoul post this on the LZX community forum too!
(this is where all the video heads hang nowadays)

Would this be kit / PCB & enclosure files or a finished product?

old gregg
thanks !

I don't know about the format yet. To be honest producing kit is a lot of work. If I go this road, I'll probably only sell the PCB. Also, it'll probably be SMD otherwise the PCB will be huge (lot of components). the other problem would be the enclosure.

I'll post on the LZX industrie forum as well.
I'd probably be interested - esp if the components are easy to source
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