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Achieve pedal-like amp boosting/driving in modular
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Author Achieve pedal-like amp boosting/driving in modular

I love the sound of amps "breaking into distortion", or "boost into drive" or eq into amp etc…

Can I achieve something similar in modular ?

Is it safe to send a boosted signal (say with this : into a drive (like this

I guess it works like a pedal, doesn't it ?

Also is there any preamp modules that would go into overdrive when fed with a hot signal ?

Thanks !
You might want a distortion module.
Many of them include an EQ for exactly the purpose you envision.

But you can also use a VCA that can be set to enough gain so the signal gets distorted.
In case you want the "tube amp" sound you can also find distortion modules with tubes.
Also many filters can be overdriven and filterfm can give you distortion as well.

Me personally I do like this one:
Which is not distortion but waveshaping that mimics soft clipping and can be better controlled using an external VCA.
Thanks for the tips smile

As for my other question : I know that you can throw boosts pedals into overdrive pedals into amps… without issues

Is it the same with modules ?
Generally yes it's no issue.
You could even use pretty much any VCA for the amp part but if it's not meant to be overdriven it might not sound as good.

Also I understand your requirement correctly this recent module does the "EQ into distortion" all in one in a small footprint.
And there's even cv control.

And if you are really into that sound and want to expand it:
Thanks a lot, that was very helpful, thanks for the refs as well !
Tumulte wrote:

I love the sound of amps "breaking into distortion", or "boost into drive" or eq into amp etc…

Can I achieve something similar in modular ?

It depends on what you like about that sound.

The sound of a saw wave through filter with VCAd envelopes stuck through an amp pushed to break up will be quite different compared with a guitar through the same amp.

I think a lot of the magic of a guitar into breakup is the expressive quality it offers - the dynamics, the touch and feel... I guess that you might get something similar or at least equivalent, but you probably need to start from scratch with the source sounds... A flexible envelope will help with voltage controllable input, maybe ADSR is best here...
...playing with filter settings at the same time as envelope settings... maybe lower cutoff with short decay sounds...

Its also important that there are a lot of intervals - and the right ones - lots of 5ths and 4ths to bring out additional harmonics without getting too muddy

Of course, if you just want screaming distortion for a single line solo, just stick in any old sound and crank it smile
In eurorack I love the Intellijel Quad VCA for it's ability to overdrive and distort. Changing the CV response curve from linear to exponential can really slam a signal. I like to patch killer sub basses from a sine and using the quad vca distortion to variably shape it into a square
I tried to drive my Softube virtual Doepfer (vca and vactrol)… If it's as accurate as the real thing (it apparently is) then it overdrives beautifully !
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