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DSI evolver Shephard tone
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Author DSI evolver Shephard tone
Question: does anyone know how to make a shephard tone on the Evolver? 4 oscs so it should be capable, but after patching for awhile I can't quite seem to get it.

How are you patching it and what's not working?

I would try this:

1. Choose triangle for all 4 oscillators, each an octave apart
2. Apply some cutoff to round them off to something like a sine
3. Apply a slow saw wave LFO to OSC 1 so that it reaches an octave above the original frequency
4. Route the same LFO to the other 3 oscillators in the mod matrix
5. Since the end of one note will be the start of the the next higher oscillator the middle ones won't have audible starts and stops. You only have to worry about the lowest and highest notes. You can route the same LFO to fade in the lowest note and fade out the highest. For more control over that transition you could also try using the gated sequencer to dial in a 16 step swell/fade but there's no slew function so the steps might be as noticeable as the transition.
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