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any emu sampler uses? help needed!
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Author any emu sampler uses? help needed!
my e64 running emu os 3.0b is only showing 4 meg ram. I have put in 32megs of new ram that I know works but it still only shows 4 megs. Anyone else have this problem? Is it software or hardware? I can't find my manual and was wondering how to go into diagnostics mode.

Any tips or advice would be great!

really like the sound of the first gen of emu samplers so I want to keep it running.
What new RAM chips did you use? Two new 16MB SIMMs, one new 32MB SIMM, or add a 28MB SIMM with the existing 4MB?

There's a PDF manual linked here, though it seems to just be the EOS manual, not specific to the e64:

I do know when I maxed out the RAM on my ESI-4000 I had to be a bit picky with the type of RAM that I used... thankfully I had the specs that a friend had given me, though I can't seem to find that now...
A few notes I did find. These are for the "Ultra" models... not sure if yours is that or not, but even if not they likely still apply, as far as memory allocation goes.


The requirements for the RAM SIMM modules are as follows:
• 72-pin SIMM (4 MB 16 MB or 64MB)
• 8 or 9 bits (Mac or IBM)
• 70 nS or faster

If the SIMMs are of different size, the smaller SIMM will be divided in half.
That is, you will get only half of the memory of the smaller SIMM. You
MUST install the larger SIMM in the RAM A socket. (Otherwise the larger
SIMM will be divided in half.)

EDIT: ah, I think I misread your original post.... thought you meant you'd upgraded to 32MB. But I see that you added 32MB. It appears that 32MB SIMMs are not supported by EOS.
Yeah. Was just shopping for another 64 myself to fill up my e5000 heh. Only 4, 16, or 64MB chips allowed. Not sure if it holds the same as an Ultra but I found 64s all over for like $10-15, you might as well just max that sucker out!
^Think my ESI2000 has those limits too. Speed has to be 70ns or greater if I remember correctly.

Also, for some reason 2x 16mb simms equals 24mb RAM in the ESI hmmm.....
thanks for the posts everyone.

I've done it correctly, 2 sticks 16meg of working compatible ram, tried in all combinations. I know how to get the diagnostics up on os4 but not 3.0b.

they take 30pin 70ns Simms.

I remember buying 32 meg of ram for it for about £900 back in the day...!

I know its not the memory not being compatible or broken as I have checked with a working set.

Weird how its only seeing 4 meg. I can't find my manual and I can't find one online for the first gen eIV and E64 running OS 3.0b

To my ears the first EIV and e64 sounded really good, I prefer them to the later models. I think they had a slightly different transformer setup on the output.
can the do the ESI range do round robin or random switch on samples set to a single key?
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