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Behringer Neutron won't recognize MIDI IN
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Author Behringer Neutron won't recognize MIDI IN

After years of VST only music creation, for the most part, I got a Behringer Neutron. It's pretty nifty, and can play through an amp, but I can't get it to recognize MIDI IN.

I downloaded the firmware update and successfully applied it.

Also downloaded the Neutron app.

I had to get a USB B to B male cable, this: B-Male-to-Type-B-Male-Black-3-ft-/USB08-0003

plugged the Neutron into a USB keyboard that has a power supply wall wart (doesn't need powered USB).

Didn't work. Had a patch going that was giving pulsing audio, but got no change with MIDI keyboard key playing.

And the keyboard did not show up in the Neutron app, no matter how many times I closed and started the the Neutron and the app. And tried the same with turning the keyboard off and on first.

No luck.

Then I got one of these cables, that is old-school USB 5-pin in and out, going to USB:

Plugged the 5-pin OUT into the 5-pin IN on the Behringer Neutron. Got no audio, but I DID get the keyboard to show up in the Neutron app.

And yes, had both the keyboard and the app set to channel 1.

Had a patch going that was giving pulsing audio, but got no change with MIDI keyboard key playing. No change.

Any ideas how to use this synth with a MIDI keyboard?

Thank you
The USB B to B cable you linked can't be used connect synth like the Neutron with USB MIDI to a USB only keyboard. For USB MIDI, one device needs to be a host, such as a computer or iPad, or a stand-alone device like the Kenton MIDI host.

If you have a computer, you can use regular USB cables (A to B) to connect both the Neutron and the keyboard to the same computer, and route the MIDI out from the keyboard to the MIDI in of the Neutron, via a DAW or simpler MIDI routing app. It sounds like you might have them connected to the same computer, but don't have the MIDI connections linked via other software?
In other words you want a keyboard with an actual traditional MIDI DIN output and a MIDI DIN cable if you want to play without a computer and an app in the middle... or you have to pay for a pricey USB host box...

This got me too when I got my first USB MIDI gear... I found it rather disappointing that I could not connect a USB keyboard to a synth with a USB port as I didn't realise at the time how retarded this technology is. very frustrating

On the whole I have found that it is best to avoid USB MIDI when possible as a lot of gear doesn't work properly with it, especially the cheaper stuff.
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