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Live interactive effects for the whole mix
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Author Live interactive effects for the whole mix
Bath House
Other than the dated Kaoss pad, what are some good devices to strap over the whole mix when playing live (or most of it) for real-time tweaking? I’m interested in gating/slicing, filtering, tape/vinyl spin downs, and other dynamic things like that that I can use for dynamic effects or transitions.
Pioneer do very hands on effect boxes

There are a couple of them

Rmx 500 and 1000

Software wise there are things like sugarbytes Tornado which is also on iOS

I've had one twice, and most times I've tried to use it as the core sequencer / sampler / drum machine, got frustrated, and put it back on the shelf for many months. I've probably had 5-10 failed starts with the octatrack over the years.

I recently tried to use it for the role of "mixer / effects" and then added on looper / live sampler functionality since I understand the record machines from using the machinedrum. I've got an x0xb0x and TR-606 in a little case with the octatrack and it's a dream.

In a basic setup I just route the x0x/606 audio through the OT and then use OT track 8 as master track. But once I had that going it was pretty easy to get into live sampling of the x0xb0x to add a second layer, playing back some 16-bar stem loops to add some versatility to the sound, using scenes or sequenced trigs for FX sequencing, etc etc. It's a lot more straightforward to use like this and you don't end up spending all your time doing frustrated sample slice management.
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