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Synth "Crossgrade" Help
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Author Synth "Crossgrade" Help
Hey all,

I'm getting less and less inspired with my current setup - I think I've squeezed it dry. I currently have the following synths:


I'm thinking of doing a sort of 1-for-1 swap, selling the current gear, and getting something similar in function (e.g. bass synth, mono synth, poly synth), but different in tonal character, for each item.

For example, the JU-06 and the Minilogue xD Module both appeal to me as swaps for the Blofeld, as they're both polysynths in function, but ones with a little more presence/juice than what I've heard from the Blofeld in my personal patching experience. I like that the Minilogue xD has an analog filter, as well as the Poly-Plaits Macro Oscillator, the CC sequencing, etc. I like the JU-06 because I've been obsessed with the Juno 106 since Animal Collective's "Merriweather Post Pavilion" came out. hihi

My question/call for help is: can you think of some novel options as swaps for each synth, within a range of ~$100 or so dollars to make that swap happen?

I look forward to seeing what you can come up with. nanners
One thing to bear in mind with the JU-06 and the XD, is that they are both 4 note polyphony. i believe your Blofeld on the other hand is 8 note. If 8 note polyphony is a deal breaker, you may need to look elsewhere.

One of my favourite poly synths is the Audiothingies Micromonsta. It is an 8 voice well implemented VA module, selling new for around £300.

I have and love a JU-06. It is a great wee synth, and its replacement the JU-06A should be even better. The 4 note polyphony limitation does get to me from time to time, so i am seriously thinking of a Behringer Deepmind 6. Very much the Juno 106 architecture, but a good implementation of it. They sell in the UK for around £460, and I am sorely tempted.

A leftfield 8 voice polyphonic module choice would be the Roland D-05. This is a very powerful wee beast, and once you move past the over used presets, it is capable of some really interesting soundscapes.

Just a few thoughts to get you started.
Microbrute is pretty great as a bass synth IMHO. I just sold mine because I don't really need a bass synth anymore...

Reface CS is a pretty limited synth but it might work well as an alternative to SH-01A. I'd recommend it if you can find it cheap enough (prices vary a lot). The onboard FX aren't great except for the phaser which is great for "string synth" patches. Through an Elektron Analog Drive it can sound pretty beefy, and I like it for odd drones once in a while too.

The two things I would fix about it are the low resolution of the sliders (which matters a lot for some osc types and not at all for others) and removing the added white noise in FM mode.
The XD is a great choice.

Since you already seem to be ok with the layout / form, two synths that sound different from what you have but very amazing for bass: Waldorf Pulse 2, or Roland SE-02.
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