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Of Brexit and prices...
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Author Of Brexit and prices...
The post office are now telling customers that parcels bound for the EU after the 31st October will need a CN22 customs form applied to the front of the parcel. Buyers of my stuff from outside of the EU will know already of the little white stickers detailing the goodies contained within and their value.

For EU customers this may, or may not, mean that your country's VAT (import duty) and any service handling charge will now need to be paid when you collect your package from me. Whether you will or not have to pay extra will depend on whether the UK Government gets a free trade deal with the EU or not. The likelihood of a free trade deal being hammered out before the end of October is now looking very unlikely.

What affect this will have non-EU countries like the US, Canada and Australia - my three main non EU parcel destinations - is not known yet.

So right now, there is no clear route through this. But, unless the value of sterling drops significantly, it is likely that you will have to pay either the same, or more, for your boards after the 31st October.

I would also expect longer shipping times, particularly around the time of Brexit itself.

I guess the what I'm saying is, if you want PCBs, then now is probably the best time to do it.

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