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Using Group inserts as effects returns
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Author Using Group inserts as effects returns
I have a Soundcraft Ghost which has 8 aux sends but only 4 stereo returns.

I am using 8 effects units, 1 on each aux send. The first four return to the FX returns but the other four have nowhere to go. I don't want to use up 8 of my channels if I can avoid it.

The Ghost also has 4 stereo groups that I don't use so I want to use the groups as effects returns. They have inserts on stereo jacks so I tried plugging the outputs from the effects units into those. This causes a bit of hum to appear on the master output even when the groups themselves are turned down/off.

Can anybody advise on wiring I need to do to avoid the hum? Probably there's some way to wire a cable with mono jacks at one end and stereo jacks in some configuration for the returns.

Also: I don't want to use insert cables because then I lose the flexibilty you get from having aux sends.
Use insert cables on the group insert connectors and only use the return jacks for the FX outputs.
Thanks for the suggestion but it still hums!
I had to lift a few grounds, all quiet now smile
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