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What's your favorite affordable audio interface?
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Author What's your favorite affordable audio interface?
I need an audio interface so that I can finally just press that record button instead of having all my ideas drift away into the atmosphere ... I've been looking on craigslist for a cheap used interface that might have more features (8 inputs, MIDI, and bus options would be ideal but I'm willing to compromise) but it seems like most of the ones i'm finding use outdated drivers that aren't supported by current operating systems. Anyone have suggestions for an affordable AI that will have some longevity? Thanks.
I'm happy with a Behringer UMC1820.

Sound is good (honestly I don't think there are audio interfaces that sound bad), features and form factor are good... all it lacks for my purposes is an LED to show whether the main monitor output is muted or active, instead of having to feel the button state with my fingers.

Drivers have been totally without hassle on an 11 year old machine with Windows 7, and a month old machine with Windows 10.
NI Komplete Audio 6
class compliant (i'm on Linux) and just works.
MOTU Ultralite MK3
I just got a deal on the older 2nd Generation Focusrite Scarlette 18i20. It has eight controllable (knobs) inputs on the front panel with two headphones and a main monitor pots. Metered LED display for everything and sounds great. Of course it has the typical ADAT and SPDIF etc..

It is USB connected even though I'm using Thunderbolt. No problems here and it comes with a decent control software for setting up the I/O.

Sweetwater in the USA had it for $350 new. Not bad considering it was ~$500 a few years back. The mic preamps from Focusrite are probably their main strength although I rarely use mics in my mostly synth-oriented studio. Still it is a great sounding AI. I have used MOTU, Steinberg and Focusrite and really prefer the Focusrite so far. has a few used ones starting in the $200 price range now. Great deal.
Presonus studio 1810, 8 in 6 out, plus spdif stereo in/out and adat input for 8 extra inputs. Line level outputs are dc coupled. For 285€ I think it was a good deal.
How about a Zoom H6? Cheap, sounds good, and you don’t need no stinkin’ drivers, or even a computer for that matter.
Behringer U-Phoria UMC 404HD. Does what I need it to do. Quiet. Got it new on eBay for $89.
i have a fireface uc that i love (not cheap, i know), but at the university where i teach there are tons of focusrite scarlett 2i4s and i kind of like them. thinking to get one as fast and dirty / rehearsal interface.
I don't have experience with many models, but I've had good luck with Presonus Audiobox series, but bad luck with Tascams US series.

Currently using a slightly old Audiobox 1818VSL. I think it checks all your requirements.
sutekina bipu-on
DCDanno wrote:
Behringer U-Phoria UMC 404HD. Does what I need it to do. Quiet. Got it new on eBay for $89.

cant get better than this for under 100 for sure. actually great interface.
Zoom R16/24 as it is incredibly versatile. Can serve many different applications, plus it's portable.
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