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Question about Dupont to 3.5mm
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Author Question about Dupont to 3.5mm
Hello folks, I wasn't quite sure if this is the right part of the forum but here we go:

Since I've got a few bits of gear that use Dupont cables/jumper wires I was looking into adapters and the like. basically so that I could take signals/cv from a pinboard and feed it into the modular (eurorack in my case), or vice-versa. I found this so far and there it says 'Allows you to connect your audio devices to dupont 3pin port'. Having no previous experience with this stuff I thought there is something that is 1to1, so on one end there'd be the male pin thingy, while the other end is a standard 3.5mm jack, but I haven't seen one like this and Google seems to always bring up either this 3pin adapter or plain jumper cables.

So for starters, my questions are: does a '1to1' type cable/adapter exist at all? Are they sold somewhere I haven't seen yet? And if the 3pin one is the only available choice, does it need 3 pins to function or would one be enough? and what about stereo/mono issues when the output/input is likely only mono?

As a further example, the Bastl BitRanger has a ton of clock divisions and I would like to take some of them out of the Bitranger individually to have those signals mess with racked stuff. Or take an LFO to modulate, say, the frequency of an oscillator that has pin inputs. Only examples, but I hope this helps to clarify.

I'm guessing there's something about grounding issues, voltages, etc. which I have no clue about so any info would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Quote: C%88Grey-3/dp/B07HHZPJZZ

I could be wrong but I think this it.
I use one of those:

nice one! that looks super useful indeed. though I don't atually own a nanosynth. are there any voltage/protection issues I should be aware of? the website only really mentions something specific to the nanosynth, or, if unsure, 'use the protected side', which is fair enough I guess. but on the soundmachines forum it says 'First of all, to make the protection work, you have to connect the voltage extremes from the NS1nanosynth to the Nanobridge.' I know that some of the devices I have are generally protected, I just don't want to take any chances when it comes to potentially electrocuting gear..

apart from that, great suggestion beku, thanks! grin
Hey Moerder,

i don't own a nanosynth either... I use the nanobridge for interfacing the folktek mescaline from my euro.
As far as i understand, the whole protected circuit thing is specific to the nanosynth since it only accepts 5v max. You would need to connect the nanosynths "0Vā€ and ā€œ5Vā€ reference to the little headers on the bridge to use the limiting diodes.
However i do not use that functionality since mesacline in itself is a euro module and should be able to accept everything i plan to throw at it (from my bigger euro).
Works well so far...

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