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Audio line out into iPhone mic
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Author Audio line out into iPhone mic
Having trouble getting my iPhone to allow line in audio, any tips? I bought a TRRS adapter for 3.5mm out to TRRS into iPhone as some folks said it might make the iPhone recognize it as a mic device: no go.

What am I missing?
I believe all pins on the other end of the TRRS must be connected correctly. A TRRS-TRS adapter will only short two connections, and will likely not work. You will need a TRRS cable and solder the other end correctly to two sockets, one for the headphone output, one for the line input. If you want to do that. I've done it, but although it works, in the end it's not very practical. If I lived in San Diego you could have mine (I made at least two versions).

There are affordable solutions on the market that are simply better if you use line in often.
I use a direct box between the line out and the iPhone input.
dont bother trying this, even if you have a correct adapter it will sound like shit. get a cheap interface:
I use a setup like this for voiceover sessions in my studio as a phone patch so remote clients can listen in. Works well as a dial up, or through FaceTime & Skype. As a side note, it is interesting to me that the audio quality of a FaceTime video call is better than that of an audio only call.
current iphones only do mono microphone input and as others have said it's going to sound like shit. get an interface that uses the lightning connector.
This thing works for me: ces

You might need a little attenuation.
I bought this and was able to stream an hour live performance doing a soundtrack for radio via Facebook without any hitches [make sure you have your phone plugged in]: -Line/dp/B00OAW85ZG/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=iPhone+line+to+mic+adapter&qid =1570639710&sr=8-4

Simple, cheap, works.
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