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Sony PCM D100 help - SOLVED
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Author Sony PCM D100 help - SOLVED
SPIKE the Percussionist
anyone here with a PCM D100 that can help?

my Sony PCM D100 recorder has suddenly stopped connecting to my Mac (OS 10.12.6).

it's been working fine for months and now all of a sudden it will not connect.

i tried on two different iMacs and a Mac Book Pro and multiple cables.

the unit displays "CONNECTING" but it never mounts onto the desktop.
very frustrating

of course the audio i need is NOT recorded to the SD card.
it recorded to the internal memory.

THANKS for any and all help!
SPIKE the Percussionist
very frustrating

in a last ditch effort...i tried using a really crappy really long flourescent green micro USB i think i bought at a gas station and...OF COURSE it worked.

seriously, i just don't get it
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