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Squarp or Squid? (and why?)
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Author Squarp or Squid? (and why?)
I am looking at picking up a sequencer eventually and the two that have my interest are the Pioneer Squid and the Pyramid Squarp. Funny names.

Anyway, why might I want to go for one over the other? Any input here?
what do you want do with ?

There's a big thread about this but it's kind of hard to read.

If i can sum up a little:
Squarp will a a harder learning curve, will be more powerful in sequencing.

The squid will be more limited in sequencing, but will have a fast worflow, some fun thing for live control if you made not complex sequenced music like techno.

I think the choice depend on what you want to sequence, the type of sequence you want to record, and the way you want to play live.
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