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Ellitone Multi-Synth Affordably Redesigned Version
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Author Ellitone Multi-Synth Affordably Redesigned Version
Wanted to share the Ellitone Multi-Synth here. This is the affordably redesigned version running the same firmware as the original. It features 6 synthesis modes: wavetables, FM, sequence, granular, bouncing balls, data distortion.
I believe this synth can produce more sounds than any other at this price point.
Check out the demos here:
Thank you! -Ellis

I often see your listings on Reverb and have been sorely tempted a few times, although I’m trying to keep gear purchases over $35 strictly to DIY stuff.

Always wonder how well, if at all, this will interface with euro gear?
bought this back in August! great to see you made it here as well now Ellis. it was also already added to this thread at the time smile

what do you mean 'if at all'?! I'm yet to experiment more but I've already sent stuff through the rack and other bits of pin header gear. certainly works and has some gorgeous sounds!
Sometimes things don’t work with other things. I didn’t mean to insinuate anything. I know that some pin header devices don’t like euro voltages. Considering that I have some modules *from the same designer* that don’t play well with each other I’ve learned to take nothing for granted.

Also I’m not one hundred percent on how you’d get from the pin to 3.5mm. How do you handle ground? EDIT- disregard this, I thought about it for two minutes and my dumb brain figured it out Dead Banana

Clearly I have some queries for the search function/google.

The more I think about it the more intriguing this is...
haha no worries. didn't mean to make it sound harsh, apologies. but yeah, I've been researching that kind of stuff as well. better safe than sorry smile
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