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Pedal board on some kind of stand?
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Author Pedal board on some kind of stand?
I use my pedal board (pedaltrain metro 24) with my hands not my feet (synths, etc) and I'm wondering if anyone has any clever ideas for mounting the pedal board like on music stands, etc--- curious what you got.
Keyboard X stand?
It was discontinued, but I used a bed desk from a medical equipment company clamped to my desk. Adjustable height and tilt, with a ridge at the bottom to stop stuff from sliding off. I cut a thin industrial welcome mat to size and velcroed pedals to it.

Now I'm down to two pedals and I stand them on end stop my modular case. I wire-tied composite shims to the back that dangle behind the case so they don't tip over.
With so many pedals that have evolved past the old "on or off" paradigm, we really need more pedal-stand type solutions. So I love hearing about the various solutions people have come up with!
My big pedalboard (Pedaltrain Pro) fits on one of those X stands for keyboards, but the stand I have is a little wobbly and I don't like top heavy setups (bad experience with a laptop on a stand and a drunk guy). Smaller pedalboards, like a PedaltrainII or smaller, those double keyboard stands (the kind with a V for the keys) works pretty well for me, but may take up more floor space than just putting them on the floor.

I wish I knew how to weld, I'd just make leggy stands for any I wanna twiddle knobs.
Depending on the size of the board I use keyboard stand or percussion stand.
With a double gigbag (for 1 acoustic and 1 electric guitar) I can put the stand with the synths or the pedal board and 1 guitar all on my back (way easier to ride the bike).
This seems pretty interesitng
I use this for a Teac Tascam Model 2 mixer. It would fit a few pedals and has a little upraised rim which would keep them from sliding off when things got rough. You could also just bolt a larger top onto it. sclp_pl_dp_2

It isn't very tall, but is adjustable. Too tall and it may tip. Heavy duty holding my heavy Model 2.
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