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pigtronix infinity loop expression trouble ???
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Author pigtronix infinity loop expression trouble ???
Severed head
hey friends

so I have a few Pigtronix infinity loopers
I have the rev/undo switch
as well as the expression pedal (Moog)
each looper/switch/exp set is mounted on an individual board and has the 1/4' cable already plugged up so the only thing that ever comes unplugged is the power source,
but today angry very frustrating Dead Banana

I have 2 questions for my friends here,

im using a Moog expression pedal. and it was working fine as expected
then today I turn things on after maybe a week of not using this particular unit and all my buttons, and foot switches worked as they should sound based through the in/out jack to an amp but when I hit L1 button to play nothing would playback. trying all things what wound up working was disconnecting the expression pedal.
I then proceeded to use a cable tester on all used cables, they were all fine, and upon reattaching all the cables and expression pedal it worked fine. after a few minutes it stoped working and again wouldn't play back the recorded loop.

as I mention I confirmed that the expression pedal and the cables all work, cable tester and use of the exp pedal on various other pedals ....

anyone else had this random happening ?
- i sent a email to mike and David at pigtronix, with a vid so ill see what they have to day but that usually takes 2-3 day and thought one of you guys may have a simple answer

do any of you who have the infinity and either of these expansion devices
use a standard 1/8" TRS w/ 1/4" adapters?
- ive been using this set up for one of my units only on the reverse/undo switch with relatively as expected results but sometime randomly the buttons react strange and the undo flips it into reverse and ive been sure not have accidentally hit the reverse.

- I think this is user error as I now theres a flip flop feature.
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