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When is .com coming out?
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Author When is .com coming out?
Let's do this. Let's give an idea of its price. Yes let's.
I've been waiting for this as well. Not to be a grumpy bastard but I've grown tired of the announcements With crazy long waits that seem to be the norm in euro land.
the PCB had to be redesigned for SMT and to change the architecture so it could be the same component values for 12v or 15v, that's the delay. i never said when it would be available, i just showed a picture of it.

if you _really_ want one i can sell you an at-your-own-risk beta build, with a rail-to-rail main output (but 10v p-p sub outs.) i don't recommend it but if you are in dire need of this i can build it for you.
eh so do you guys still want one or are you pissed at me for taking too long?
want One! one is such a lonely number.... want two! but I have great patience... by mid April/ end of would be cool smile

ot, I mailed you on your web page regarding .Mix-X2 I would appreciate if you could pop me a mail when you get the chance thumbs up

my Beast is slowly forming and these modules are on my must have or die list... nanners
I definitely still want thumbs up
I want one!
I'm definitely still interested.
I'll take one in MU, but I have a few other things to buy first...
Yeah, I'm down for a .com
dr. jacoby
oh yes, i'm definitely still interested in the .com.
the first 4 have already been sent to AH. they are from the initial batch of prototype PCBs.

the first full production run of PCBs has been ordered and will get here next week, and will then be constructed.
Do you have panels ready to sell this in MU as well? What is the price? Will you have any ready for the May 14th shindig? I am just getting back into Dotcom after a foray into Euro, and I have been looking at buying the same module from COTK, but I would much rather purchase it from STG!
no not yet. i'm sorry.

i sent you an email to your AOL address, did you get it?
If you sent something in the last day or two, I have not received it. I replied to the email
That you sent a week or so ago. I saw the thread in the 5U forum on this module as well.
the rest of the .COM order for AH is mostly done and is just waiting on jacks, pots, faceplates, and testing.
So the .COM that I just ordered ( It's peanut butter jelly time! ) from AH is one of the prototypes? Does it have the magic alien goo from the top secret lab still on it? screaming goo yo

Excited to have this in my system. Adding STG to the rack is like buttering toast.
Any update of MU availability?
According to AH´s website the .com is now "in stock".

I assume that someone (of you Americans) has to have one already.

User experiences / Demos? Please....
suboptimal wrote:
So the .COM that I just ordered ( It's peanut butter jelly time! ) from AH is one of the prototypes?

it's a R1 PCB but there should be no performance difference. i was able to add 2 resistors and change some values to the original design and it was AOK. the R2 PCB puts these on the board in a better way, that's all.

suboptimal wrote:
Excited to have this in my system. Adding STG to the rack is like buttering toast.

thanks for the kind words.

Henfield wrote:
Any update of MU availability?

mid-july. i have to order the panels and verify the front panel PCB. i'm sorry for the delay but it's just going to have to be like this.

it's going to look like this:

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