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Abbey Chamber Reverb Pedal by Keeley
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Author Abbey Chamber Reverb Pedal by Keeley
Has anyone had any experience with this guy? Not a huge range of effects obviously, but seems to have some good character (based on few videos). Might be a good effect to add a little depth to things, more than adding it's own character to a sound.
Primarily thinking of samples, drum machines, sequences, keyboards and vocals (not so much for guitar or bass).

All of the demos I see are with guitar.

(As a sidebar) Sounds really cool in the demos.

This may come down to the 'Listening to Youtube to judge sonic character', but there seems quite a bit of midrange to the wet signal, not just attributed to the driven gtr sound; may make things muddy in-the-mix without additional EQing.

I own the Keeley Omni pedal, and believe it or not, that's my hands-down fav on kbds/drum machines, period. The plate sits well in a mix; and solo, blends well into the background of both keys and drums. The Abbey gets you more adjustability in predelay and brilliance: If you just had ONE pedal, this may be a better fit. I have a few verbs (mono and stereo); and yah, the BigSky is super-adjustable and lush... but sometimes you just want to put a little verb in the background, or as 'glue' in a live/mixer situation. The lack of adjustability suits me fine sometimes: I don't want to get caught up programming another 'instrument'.

Curious as to what you end up with. Have fun!
Thank you much for the reply. Very helpful.

With so many choices it is tough without trying them in your own chain. I don't want anything super dynamic or all encompassing, as many say they'll do. I just want a dial and set unit. As you say though, it may need more than just set and play, with this one. If I can find one locally, I'll check it out and report back.

As an aside I wanted a Maelekko Spring Chicken. They were like $99 and then discontinued. I thought maybe one of those Boss Fender Reverbs. They were discontinued. Now they both go for extortionist prices. Whatever.

Thanks again. Guinness ftw!
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