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4ms Rotating Clock Divider
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Author 4ms Rotating Clock Divider
Anybody here shoe-horned an RCD into a frac panel yet?

Im interested in the multiplier
I Fracced an RCD & banana'd it Mr. Green

due to the way its built the layout is pretty much the same as the euro, but, the extra width gives you room to add a bunch of switches for the jumpers.

Really want a 2nd... & the Multiplier + breakout It's peanut butter jelly time!
Excellent! Any pics?

So I gather the board fits between the rails without any issues?

I'm going the break the jacks and LEDs out so they are a more sensible distance apart - they're just too close to be useful to me. I'll pobably do the break out thing too.

I thought I had a pic... but seriously, i just don't get it
can't find my memory card to USB thing either d'oh!

its not much to look at tho, I botched the LED holes, made them too close to the jacks.

No problems fitting the board between the rails at all.

You'll need to have at least 1/2 the jacks in the same places as the orig, or, figure another way to attach the board as there are no mounting holes or anything - board is held on by the jacks.

I had to offset every other output horizontally to fit banana sockets & have enough room to fit plugs in. The main reason I've never bothered re-doing the panel is I'm thinking, if I get another, I'll flip em on their sides so the outs go left to right... I'd really like to put some of the switches under gate control as well.
i might be keen on getting some pcbs, perhaps we could do an aussie group-buy
I'm a bit surprised that they haven't made PCBs available yet
considering all the DIY versions of the rest of their designs.

Here's hoping that something surfaces for RCDs and SCMs.
i'd be keen on a couple of PCBs thumbs up
Yeah PCBs for both the RCD and the SCM would be great; far cheaper than buying an assembled unit and chucking the panel away.

@DGTom: I'm going to put a "C" bracket behind my panel and use a couple of the existing sockets to mount the PCB to it then wire my own sockets via flying leads. I'll be putting it behind a 2 FW panel which gives me enough room for sensibly spaced sockets, all LEDs and the 6 toggles for the break out functions.

Great idea Adam!

Aussie-group-buy would be awesome, if only to make it worthwhile for 4ms 8_)
Here's a video of a Banana jack Frac RCD (built by Thomas-- is that you DGTom?)
And it's on the top of my list to release the kits! I just released the RCD breakout kit and have to ship the first batch of those this week... then onto the RCD/SCM kit. I'll probably offer the blank PCB plus the programmed chip as one option... and a full kit including jacks (1/8" or banana) and LEDs as another option. May even offer pre-populated and tested PCBs...

I probably can get the metal shop next door to shear and mill a small run of Frac-sized panels with holes for the switches too... probably would be about $10-$15 though, is that worth it? or would people prefer just to make their own panel?

Glad to see there's interest!
Excellent news.

Time to rock out with ya clock out!

Adam-V wrote:
rock out with ya clock out!


Yep, thats my video... can't wait to get a 2nd & an SCM & re-panel them all together into some sort of time blurring Death Star MY ASS IS BLEEDING

Chips + PCBs would be ideal w00t

great quote
oh shit yes.. i'll take a pcb/chip for each! smile
Junk Rhythm
Sign me up for chips and PCBs as well.
rico loverde
Id take 2 of each
I'd be down for PCB/chip/Frac Panel.
I'd take a pcb/chip for each, perhaps a pair of each.
I don´t really completely understand how these work (have to read the manual) but the end result is good smile.
Ps. has anybody experience of using two of both as a rythmic mayhem machine?
DGTom wrote:
Really want a 2nd... & the Multiplier + breakout It's peanut butter jelly time!

I received my RCD yesterday; bloody brilliant module. I've only used it for for half an hour and I too want another one.

I also have to retract my previous statements about the sockets being too close to be useable with metal plugs; they are indeed useable but they're just a little awkward. I'll probably leave the one I have as it is and get kits or boards to frac up (whenever they come out poke )

another taker for 1 rcd + 1 scd kits here! w00t
i think the populated/tested boards would be great and might end up selling the most, but i'm down for whatever form these end up materializing in.

would boards for the breakout be a possibility as well?
Must have kit! For the shuffling multiplier too!
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