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Looking for a computer musician collaborator for dub project
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Author Looking for a computer musician collaborator for dub project
So, not sure where the best place to put this is. Mods please move/advice if I've made a boo boo...

Anyway... I've been making music for 20 years or so. Over the last 5 or so I've built up up a medium sized eurorack set up - about 4 and a bit rows of 84hp. And its taken until now for me to start to find a sound that I can start to call mine. Its heavily influenced by the more noisy experimental ambient dub of Basic Channel, Pole and the like, but I'm slowly finding my own space in that area. (I love the more generic modern dub-techno too, but its not really what I want to make).

I've been multitracking my jams into Reason 9 with the intention of editing these into full 'tracks' and have amassed quite a few of these - mostly rubbish, but with some odd moments of dub magic! The problem is that I just hate using the computer. Reason is a great programme, but I spend way too much of my day on computers already and the last thing i want to do is use them this much in my hobby too.

So I'm looking for a collaborator to help develop some of these jams/sketches. Im not asking for someone to be my 'producer' - I'm looking for a proper collaborative sharing of ideas with someone who loves this form of dub as much as I do. I'm not precious about these recordings - fuck them up, add your own sounds, run them through pauls-stretch, whatever...! Lets start bouncing ideas back and forth!

Ideally we would use reason as the DAW - sending files back and forth would be so much easier - but I can always split everything out to the individual stems for you if you use another DAW.
(In a perfect world you'd also live in the east midlands (UK) and love craft beer hihi Only kidding - the beauty of this type of collaboration is that we can work globally)

Here's a couple of my experiments that I managed to 'finish':


If you are interested, please drop me a message here. Even if you aren't interested in working together - do let me know what you think of the tunes. Id love to get some wigglers feedback.
You probably don't want to force reason as a file format. If you have protools and reason or cubase and reason then it should be easy to press the stems using rewire. If not then send wav.
Happy to send stems if thats easier for people. Certainly not married to Reason!
Really nice tracks! I love that stuff! I've listened to a lot of pole and early deadbeat. Your tracks sound pretty good already. I'd give it a try but I'm ultra busy until mid december. If you're not in an hurry, we could try it then.

When you say you have everything multracked, how many tracks or layers do you have for one of these songs?
Thanks for the kind words ??? (Cool handle! haha!)

Most of the tracks that I've got saved have around 8-12 layers/stems. 2 of those are always my fx returns (for feedback fun!).

I'm certainly in no hurry! I can share a dropbox with a few tracks in it if you are interested in having a listen to what I've got. You can let me know if you'd like to have a go at them when you've got some free time. Just drop me a message here.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Big reggae, dub and steppa fan here. Not sure that’s The way you want to go, but where is your bass ??
Your ambient stems are great, but I can’t figure which style of arrangements you are looking for.
Your tracks make me think about an artist, but I can’t remember the name (A dannish one, i think)
Could you tell which dub music you love ?
Hi Lionel,

Big fan of traditional dub reggae - tubby, perry, etc - but more directly influenced by the newer dub-techno crew - deadbeat, heavenchord, pole, basic channel, rhythm and sound to name a few. Particularly love the ambient dub tracks that these guys do, more than the uptempo stuff

The newer recordings I've got are a bit more bass-centric! (Although, I've noticed that using a sub when monitoring has caused a few problems - generally end up cutting the bass too much to compensate, so I've started monitoring without the sub which will hopefully help this in the future).

Drop me a pm if you'd like to have a look at the stems from some recordings!
PM'd !
I was on my phone, when listening to your tracks
Now I'm on my monitors and I can hear your bass wink
Didnt get the Pm
Can you send it again?
I don’t know why, but I can’t
Could you PM me ?
I’ll send you back my e-mail wink
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