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Bugbrand/OP-1 interstellar jam
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Author Bugbrand/OP-1 interstellar jam
I made this quite awhile ago, but it's one of the things I've most enjoyed making when interfacing my bugbrand system with other devices. And I love space, and sci-fi, and all things related to it, so I wanted to go for a "spacey" kind of patch here.

I can't quit remember the patch layout exactly, but there was a lot of processing being done by the bugs (especially the PT Delay and CrossOver Filter) on my OP-1's spacey patch. I wish I had the full video but I lost it when an old phone of mine broke down. Here's the video:

Oh, I like this, especially the slightly plaintive vibe. It could be your location informing my judgment, but it reminded me a little of Fran├žois de Roubaix.
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