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Sub Osc Module thoughts
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Author Sub Osc Module thoughts
I guess there wasn't room for the sub oscillator to be broken out with the euro dual I'm wondering are there some clever additional sub Osc ideas to warrant a dedicated pcb say for a slim dual sub?

Is a sub oscillator simply defined as a fixed frequency offset by n octaves or is there more too it? Would a buffered precision voltage "subtractor " achieve same?
A sub-oscillator is typically a digital 'flip-flop' circuit - push once for on, push again for off - which will divide any incoming control signal by two. It doesn't oscillate as such, so no need for voltage offsets, but simply responds to the master VCO's signal coming into it.

The ASV's sub is a little clever in that it generates square, sawtooth and triangle waves, although only the triangle is made available to the user.

There was no space to include a sub on the DVCO module. But a dedicated and more comprehensive sub oscillator module is planned for the future. It may even end up as a 5U module too.

Synthbuilder wrote:

It may even end up as a 5U module too.

I would definetly put such a module quite high on my list of DIY-to-buy SlayerBadger!
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