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ASV build, power up tests not working [Fixed]
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Author ASV build, power up tests not working [Fixed]
Just completed building my ASV and powered it up to perform the basic tests at the end of the builders guide. Very little appears to be working help The Gate LED is not lit. There is no output from the Main Out but there is a Mix Out where both Oscillators and the sub can be heard. I can get an output from both VCOs and control their pitch via the KEY CV in socket. Sync appears to work. There is no Gate control or voltage coming out of the ENV1 socket irrespective of the sustain level. Please advise on how best to proceed to debug this. I have the V1.2 Pot Board.

I have tested the Sustain level control input to Pin 9 on both AS3310 Envelope chips and I can see an input value of between 0 and 5.2V dependent on the Sustain pot position, Pin 2 the Envelope Out shows 0V at all times from both chips.

Gate input Pin 4 is 0V and Trigger input Pin 5 is -5V on both chips.

I'm assuming this is an envelope problem, but it could be the VCA?

[FIX] After tracking back through the schematics I realised the +12V NC Gate signal wasn't getting through to the socket board. I suspect a bad connection in the ribbon connector between the ASV main board and the socket board, but as with all these things after I'd taken it off examined it and put it back, all is now working. I'll complete the testing and calibration and hopefully publish a [Build] for it under the DIY section.
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