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Hybrid modular - VCV Rack and Eurorack (digital vs analog)
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Author Hybrid modular - VCV Rack and Eurorack (digital vs analog)
Hi there.

I'm keen to start going hybrid with modular and use some vcv rack devices to modulate my eurorack. However I'm very curious about how sound quality can change in the end of the process. By using a hybrid process, using a real VCO, does the sound ends in a digital form?
Does it make a difference? A ‘real’ VCO can be either analog or digital. Even if the source for modulation is digital, the control voltages are most certainly analog, 1s and 0s won’t do anything. I would say, Use what sounds best and works best for your situation and don’t get too hung up on whether it’s ‘real’, analog, or digital.

Do you have a module for converting VCV to voltages your Eurorack can use? If not, it may be easier to purchase an LFO if you are only interested in modulation.

If you don’t already have it, the Disting is a great utility module to own.
I'm using a es-8 and I can't hear much difference on vcv to euro. The main "issue" is the primary "clock/gate" needs to come from vcv so any control signals are properly synced up.

Anything with a closed loop feedback between the two doesn't really work, but I don't find this much a problem with euro because the inherant delays going through most euro rack logic since mostly digital anyway. Also if your warping a vco with various control voltages from other modules you need the "wires" to be in eather vcvrack or eurorack (i.e. the delays effect is too big for audio frequencies).

As a side note I use vcvrack with 5u a lot, primarily when I want extremely complex sequences and sounds that can then be manipulated in full analog.

I have also been playing around with the ipad mirack (vcv rack), i could see that as really useful in performance situations to supplant smaller eurorack configrations needed for travel.
When I tried out VCVRack early on, I thought Rings didn't quite sound the same as the real thing, but it was subtle. Of course, that's still a digital module either way.

I don't believe either analog or digital are superior in all aspects. Each has their role, and they can cross over to a large extent. I happily use both in hardware, and integrate it all with Bitwig.

Unless you're only playing live, or are recording to tape and distributing only on tape and/or vinyl, it's going to be digital at some point. And unless it never gets played back, it's going to be analog at some point too. Mr. Green
I listened to mutable in vcv vs eurorack. The VCA in eurorack were perfect. The tail end of everything in vcv mutable was way too much sustain then a sharp drop to silence. I could hear a shit ton of aliasing in vcv. I don't think VCV can replace eurorack for everything at least not yet.
I won't comment on which is best or not. To me they both have their places in the scheme of things. Just depends on what you want and what your work flow is like.

Anyways take a look at Omri Cohen's tutorials and compositions on YouTube. His tutorials are pretty good and some of his compositions are hybrids with Euro and VCV.

Omri Cohen YouTube
VCV audio quality sux... the "shit ton of aliasing" comment is right on... but the sequencers are cool. I'm actually having a lot of fun with the Count Modula sequencers, custom scale quantizers and internal CV->MIDI (which just ends up going MIDI->CV). Just very basic stuff but it's opening up a lot of new uses for old gear.

I really want to find a Buchla 245 style sequencer, but the one I found (Squonk) seems buggy in that doesn't respond to clocks, maybe I'm just unlucky with the specific release.

Anyway that's my hybrid strategy. VCV for sequencing, hardware and Logic for audio.
Yep, I'm in the same boat. Had sworn off Eurorack for years a lot because I felt like it'd cost me a tonne of cash on utilities before even getting to the fun stuff. But I've been diving in to VCV fairly heavily for the past month or so and absolutely loving at for sequencing and experimentation, but it doesn't sound good to me ... at all.

Actually been mainly using its synth modules as a sketchpad and bouncing out midi once I have something to Ableton for editing and to use with gear and better sounding plugins - timing is a bit weird though using the Link module, can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong or what, but hopefully the plugin VCV will fix some of that when it arrives.

I've been lusting on a Matriarch since announcement, but this loopop demo finally pushed me over the edge, so I figure that plus a small case (lol, I know), Rackbrute 6U or something, plus Expert Sleepers and whatever weird / different Euro seasoning I can add in there. Or maybe grab a MiniBrute sequencer as a stopgap instead until I can figure out what modules modules I want and park getting the Matriarch for a while longer, or even a go for a Grandmother instead. Have a bunch of synths, but in terms of patch points I already have a 0-Coast and Analog Four to get things started.


Planning a hybrid system with sequencing / logic / utils mainly in VCV Rack, synths mainly small-ish case with a few choice modules - other than osc and filter I'm thinking odd or unique stuff as most of the bread and butter will be done elsewhere. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
Similar story here : (analog) NTO vco in eurorack and analog DSU, SSG, serge filters ....mostly random serge based.

vcv rack plus motu soundcard and o and c for sequencing, vcv rack digital processing. Mutable instruments in VCV rack.

To be honest, such a hybrid set up is far easier than having digital heavy euro modules and annoying button press combos.

I really like having an analog focused eurorack and digital focused vcv rack.

all a work in progress though.
My setup is about 50-50 at this point. Using a VCV-ES8-Bitwig setup has allowed a lot of exploration. Yes, some of the modules are poorly executed but most of the one's I use are more tha good enough. I think one or two semi-modulars, and ES8 or motu, VCV rack and a good DAW will get you a ton of options at a relatively (relative by eurorack prices) low cost.
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