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Sonic Pi to Eurorack
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Author Sonic Pi to Eurorack
I downloaded Sonic Pi for the first time. It took me about 15 minutes to send notes out to my modular setup through a midi/cv interface.

First, Sonic Pi is amazing. Second, now I regret not knowing enough (anything really) about coding or MIDI.

I'd like to code some kind of Marble-esque or Qu-Bit Bloom-esque Sonic Pi sequencer for Eurorack, but I can see it will be slow going.

Does anyone know of any more in-depth Sonic Pi reference material/tutorials beyond what is on their site and linked from there?
As long as you send midi notes, the whole eurorack thing isn't very relevant to what you're trying to achieve (to my knowledge, Sonic Pi can't output CV). That's actually a good thing, because it will make it easier for you to test.
Marbles code is actually open-source :
However it's probably going to be a bit difficult to adapt if you don't have much coding experience.

On the other hand, basic programming skill can take you far if you have some imagination. Sonic Pi uses the Ruby programming language, so I'd advise you to look into Ruby tutorials, as well as generic algorithmic. You'll then have a basic toolkit you can apply : how to manipulate an array, how to use conditions and loops, create functions, etc. Then you can manipulate the notes in a sequence as you see fit.
Thanks, I've started doing some Ruby tutorials. Fun stuff!
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