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U.K. store that doesn’t ship with euro adapters ?
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Author U.K. store that doesn’t ship with euro adapters ?
Anybody know any ? I’m fed up of adapters to use products in the U.K. / DV do it
Gear4music do it

Is there any stores that don’t ? I’d blame it on the brands but companies like Behringer I’ve had with U.K. connects , but also received with only euro 2 pins

I’m having to cancel an order tomorrow because Inoticed on the invoice there’s an adapter. I know first world problems seriously, i just don't get it

But I’m done with transformers hanging onto adapters. I’m pretty close to being done with power bricks too.
sutekina bipu-on
Put a uk plug on a euro power strip lmao meh
I ordered two Pittsburgh cases from Gear4music and got them with the bulky UK chords and adapters. But you are in the UK, if I’m reading your post right?
Juno -

at least, everything i have bought from them that could have had a wonky continental adaptor has come with a proper UK lump instead.
Any company whose business is based in (continental) EU is suspect regarding the supplying of correct British plugs when selling in our market.
As the previous post said, we're the odd ones out. The earth pin isn't used on UK "block" power adapters it's only there to push the guard up on the socket. There is another route however, you could just buy a cheap gang from a pound shop and whilst not plugged in use a screwdriver on the earth/top "hole" to push the guard up and plug the EU plug in. Or even easier just remove the guard from the gang.

We're lucky we're not only able to get US style plugs, that would be a nightmare of converters.
Yes I could stick a U.K. plug on it, but that’s really not the point.

It is illegal to sell 2 pin euro plugs in the U.K. without the correct spec’d adapter. Which has to be secured and only removable by a tool, the law is not there for shits and giggles, in this case at least.

Thankfully this is coming with that , however some companies ignore this law and supply with just euro , as gear4 did with my modx.

Besides a lot of these companies supply the correct choice of fitting on power supplies, Behringer did, so if this is some grey area euro item, save some money situation , they could at least hint upfront.

I don’t see why they can’t just ship with the power supply my odyssey shipped with I.e. has euro connector or U.K. and you just choose and click on ?
Ah, this strikes me as funny because I got a synth from gear4music with only a UK adapter sent to me in the Netherlands. Are they just switching all the adapters to fuck with the customers?
Tbh, if that’s the case, maybe they just grab stock from whatever depo they have them in, and whatever euro country they have them in.

I’m not sure what the deal is, apart from it being annoying , I wonder how insurance companies and warranties are effected by this Also ?

Anyway, I just wanna find a store that doesn’t play this game. I’ll send Juno a message , spoke to gear4 and their reply seemed to indicate , it depends what warehouse they source from.
I got a UK plug for my Model D. From Gear4music, damn annoying.
Maybe you want to do a swap hahaha lol

Thomann seems to get it right, every time, so you might want to try that
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