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Studio arrangement / space
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Author Studio arrangement / space

I've just moved into my first house and now I have a pretty big room for my studio. I've always been in small rooms before and now I think it's time for a little studio upgrade / redesign. I've uploaded a picture so you'll see what I mean. You can feel my studio was optimized for smaller spaces. I would like to have some advices on how to make it breath a little has it seems a bit cramped like that.

Any suggestion welcome! Cheers! w00t

I would consider setting the desks longitudinally down the space, so that you have easy before/behind the desk access. This will make adjustments and cable management a lot easier. While we're at it, plan for a tiered desk for keyboards/control surfaces, and a 19 inch rack unit for items that can be rackmounted. This can include patchbays to increase your ease of adjustment. Get a wheeled chair too.

In the long run, if you can fit what you have in/on a wheeled rack unit, that can make for convenient gigging as well as efficient studio space.
That looks fine to me, the only thing I'd change is having the tweeters aimed at your ears, looks like they are aiming too high to me but maybe I'm wrong. Also, invest in a swivel chair.
One impovement i did was placing the monitors right in front of the basstraps and move the listening position a bit to the back. I figured out that there's more detail to my ears when the speakers aren't too close. Btw nice traps you did and generally nice setup but yea I'd get a chair with wheels hihi
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