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Matrix 6 repair
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Author Matrix 6 repair
Picked up a used M6R with a couple bad voices. Voice 2 was dead and just needed a re-seat of the CEM chip.

Voice 3 though - DCO 2 is all wonky. Its pitch is way high and doesn't track correctly at all. When changing the frequency through param 10 is generally trends in the right direction but any given value might be higher or lower than the one before.

I've probed around with a lousy scope a bit and it seems that pin 8 of the voice 3 CEM is at the wrong frequency. i.e. I checked pin 4 and 8 of all the chips and only pin 8 of voice 3 seems to be at the wrong frequency. As I said, it's a pretty lousy scope so info is limited.

Any thoughts on how to proceed or perhaps someone who could help?
Sounds like the exact situation i was in with the same kit after doing the same thing. Try running the built-in calibration routine?
Yes, I ran the calibration several times. The service manual suggests to run it at least 3 times before giving up on something.

I also ran the diagnostic thing and it said "Bad Wave 7" which should mean that voices 1,2 & 3 are all bad but only voice 3 sounds wonky.
I’ve had one of these for about 18 years, I’ve had voices go wonky in many ways, tuning off, filters stuck, etc... I have spare chips just in case but it always seems to come back to corroded sockets. Reseating doesn’t always help but deoxit on the sockets does. I want to just replace the sockets but I hate desoldering. Also if a voice is bad it could very well be a bad part in the voice circuit surrounding the chip. But 100% of the time in my case, it’s been the cheap sockets causing the issues.
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