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programming beatstep pro with keystep
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Author programming beatstep pro with keystep
docile fossil
chanced upon a good deal on a BSP and figured i could finagle some sync action between it and the KS. so i've got:

KS midi out > BSP midi in + BSP midi out > splitter box

which lets me use the BSP as master clock and sequence monster, and i can transpose the BSP's sequences on the KS, which is very good.

as rad as the BSP's touchy knobs are for programming per-step notes, using the KS to do that would be way more intuitive, creative, pleasing and sexy. so is it possible to define the notes per step on the BSP with the KS?
docile fossil
live footage from me trying this out yesterday:

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.
I haven't used this setup in quite a while, but I do remember doing this a lot. For some reason, I want to say that you need to mute the bsp seq that you're trying to program. Not much help, sorry, but I'm sure it can be done.
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