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Krk 10s no longer works
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Author Krk 10s no longer works
I’ve been looking around online for an answer but have come up with nothing as to why my krk 10s sub won’t put out sound it is basically a very expensive adapter right now lol was hoping anyone knew of where to look to figure out if it’s dead or not because I read in the manual about there being s fuse that could blow but I can’t find anything about how to check it and they haven’t responded back yet so I’m kinda stumped thanks for any and all help
Is it not powering up or just not producing sound?

The fuse is in the jack for the power cable, which you’ll need to remove for access. A blown fuse will have a broken and/or burned element. A new one will be nice and shiny inside. If it looks blown pop in a new one. If it blows on power up there’s a larger issue that will need to be repaired.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> General Gear  
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