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Technomage L.I.F.E.
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Author Technomage L.I.F.E.
SPIKE the Percussionist
a noiz weapon that has been un-obtanium for me is the Technomage L.I.F.E.

i saw a little article about it in Future Music back in the 90's and just thought it was such an amazing noiz thing.
i have always had a bit of an obsession with really weird noiz gear.

fast forward to a month or so ago...a MW was selling his and not only did he have one...but he had TWO!

both in very bad shape but they did work.

i had no idea that the face plate had been made from a CD and the center dome was a ping-pong ball.

here are a few pics of the the original condition and a pic after MICHIGAN SYNTHWORKS did his magic to them!

these will be making noiz for Astrogenic Hallucinauting's "Late Night Noiz for Late Night Fiends" right away.
here's the YouTube channel: The Noiz Temple

decided to mod it a bit more...
Nice. Looks fun.

Just watched a video with a member of Crash Course in Science going through their noise synths.

SPIKE the Percussionist

thanks for the vid link!
I remember these!! I, like you, saw them in an FM magazine and was hooked. Would love to hear some sounds out of these things!!!
SPIKE the Percussionist
there's a bit of an appearance of some L.I.F.E. noiz in here...

SPIKE the Percussionist
a little more L.I.F.E. woven into this death noiz...

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