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MOTU ultralite mk3 PROBLEM
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Author MOTU ultralite mk3 PROBLEM
Hello guys,i am facing a problem with my soundcard MOTU ultralite MK3
While i am playing music either from my DAW or from MP3 or Youtube
etc sometimes out of nowhere there is a ''clipping scratch'' sound in high volume,which i have no idea why or how it comes out.
Any idea on what would it be?

Thank you all in advance.
I have the same problem with my Ultralite MK3!
Been having this for a couple of months now and haven’t been able to pinpoint the issue...
I’m on OSX 10.14.6 with Ableton Live 10 and use Elektron’s overbridge 2 beta. I had the feeling it was a usb issue so I tried several hubs without succes. Plan on hooking it up via thunderbolt to FireWire to see if that helps...

Does your setup look similar by any chance?
Can you elaborate on the "clipping scratch"?

See here:
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