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Behringer MS-101 Sequencer dead?
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Author Behringer MS-101 Sequencer dead?
Im hoping someone else here has had a similar experience and was able to fix the problem.

So a little preface to my problem:

I recently purchased an "open box" MS-101 from Kraft Music because it was such a good deal. When it arrived, I opened up the box and noticed some rattling sound like there was some loose junk in the case. As i was removing the screws from the back of the synth I heard popping and soon found out all of the plastic stand offs on the keybed had snapped off. I messaged Kraft Music and Behringer letting them know about the problem. Kraft music said they would take the synth back and refund me in full or send me a new one.

Here's where I goofed; because I wanted my toy right away I spent an hour superglueing all the pieces back together to get the synth reassembled. I channeled my inner model airplane hobbyist and got the keybed fixed and looking real slick. I messaged kraft again letting them know I decided to handyperson the synth back together and acknowledged that it probably voided any return policy they had.

Now on to the main problem.

After playing around with this thing Ive noticed the sequencer/arpeggiator control section is completely dead and the buttons in that portion dont do anything. I checked all the connections in the synth and they seem to be fine and the rest of the synth works as it should including the MIDI control. Anybody have any idea whats up? Behringer is denying warranty coverage from the start because its a "used" item. How big of a goof did I make?
I would suggest to soak it up and see if some technician near you can fix it.
I did some stooopid things in my past like that - and learned the hard way.
Sorry to say. I really am
acidbob wrote:
I would suggest to soak it up and see if some technician near you can fix it.
I did some stooopid things in my past like that - and learned the hard way.
Sorry to say. I really am

Yeah I figured. I think I was more willing to take a risk with this piece because of how cheap it was. Def wouldn'ta tried something like this with my prophet lol
is the ribbon connector in place? - maybe it's moved a bit (check clip X2)

having a tech check it might be safest option though!

good luck!

sutekina bipu-on
Those ZIF connectors can APPEAR to be connected but not actually be - also if you yanked the thing apart theres a chance the cables damaged but those kind of ribbon cables are a dime a dozen (maybe a penny a dozen?) from China.

Aside from that, if you're not capable of measuring voltages in the area where all the buttons are, take it to a tech who could at the least figure out if that part is electrically removed from the rest of the circuit or there is another issue.

All of us who fix our own stuff have a few painful failure stories Dead Banana ya live and learn
Dang Maffez, you just saved me. I opened up the MS-101 and that ribbon cable was definitely loose. Got it all fixed. cool
Kraft music totally pulled through and got behringer to accept a pro bono repair , but im sure they would have questioned the keybed being attached after I said it was all messed up. Im glad I didnt have to send it back and wait another 1-2 weeks just to play it.

I've done a bunch more intense repairs on some older synths that were way more spooky, but this one was a bit stressful because there was still a chance of factory warranty. Im sure Akai wouldnt be interested in helping me when I was drilling out stripped screws from my AX60 haha
glad to hear!

and yup, that'd be a quite extended warranty for an ax60 smile

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