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Stereo Mixing
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Author Stereo Mixing
I'm curious how other Bug users are handling panning/stereo/quad mixing with their systems? I find myself doing most of it in post, recording two channels via the dual mixing panel but it's less than ideal in a live situation and I'd love to have more automation going on with the stereo field while playing.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Be Sandy?
I have a combination of the old blue output mixers and fade/pan modules that I use for this sort of thing.

Mainly two of these with the outputs going to left/right channels. products_id=42&zenid=b307bf204bd60da739138d319b80adfa

With one of these in the middle: products_id=70&zenid=b307bf204bd60da739138d319b80adfa
Same here, but I use a fade/pan in conjunction with a DC mixer and the new dual mixing module (with its built in dc mixer) to give me 2 static sound sources in the centre, 1 static in each left and right and then the fade/ takes the last two inputs for movement across the stereo field.

Otherwise, I just take direct unattenuated outs to a mixer or my audio interface and mix there.
Hmm, I thought you'd somehow got an unreleased proto - I did make up a Stereo Mix design a while back, but didn't finish it off [had panning and an aux send] - also got some other DC and audio mixers coming down the line hopefully.

Personally - I've tended to set the Dual Mixing to pan things and then processed externally - but I'm quite set & forget! Applying a few aux effects (COFilter and PT Delay) also adds a lot to the stereo field in a lazy sort of way.

More controlled - always hard to know how far to push it -- even thinking of a decently featured mixer within the modular environment is hard (what to include, what to leave off) but even more so when you try to add voltage-control..

Thoughts at the moment would probably be to keep things relatively small - even a two channel unit could be useful - or something with ganging potential. I have been dreaming a bit about panning & cross-fading - as always it can seem simple at first but there are always hidden difficulties (pan laws, circuit methods etc).
I do most of my panning post output, as I've got Tom's newer modules and there's no dedicated crossfading and panning, although it can be somewhat simulated with the Dual Amplifier.
I have the COF in my case and frequently use it as a final output stage as you can create some cool stereo width from a mono source with it.
Appreciate all the insight. I think a dedicated panner/crossfader would be great but understand the setbacks that may be involved. I loved working with the Wiard 300 Dual Mixolator and even later down the line the Make Noise RxMx for these purposes, so maybe looking to another format for signal routine might be the best bet.
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