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So What's Next?
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Author So What's Next?
The 1020 Steiner Filter module, that's what!

Just as soon as the First Run 1310's are out the door, I can concentrate on the 1020. Front panels are finished and circuit boards are in-house and partially stuffed.

The web site will be updated with real photos (instead of mock-ups) and proper specs and descriptions somewhere in the grand scheme of time available.

Many of you may know "of" the Steiner (Synthacon) filter, but have never heard it. Technically, it's a Sallen-Key diode based filter that Nyle Steiner cleverly modified to have separate LP, HP & BP _inputs_. That's right - INPUTS! This is the opposite of a State Variable filter which has LP, HP & BP _outputs_.

(Sidebar note: Even the Buchla LowPass Gate is a basic Sallen-Key)

This results in the ability to "morph" each of these three inputs based on the filter's center frequency. Between Nyle's odd configuration and the diodes, this filter has a unique warmth similar to the Moog ladder and the EMS filters.

Note however, that it does not play well when pushed into oscillation. It will scream, yell and stamp it's feet like an angry school girl in heat. (Well, maybe that's too vivd a description, but anyway, you get the idea)

Well, that's it for my rant of this morning.


Just me
I happen to like angry school girls in heat!
russma post a clip of the alleged "morphing" already!

idiotboy wrote: post a clip of the alleged "morphing" already!



I have absolutely no clue what a Steiner filter sounds like, but I want one already. Please also post an "angry school girl on heat" video. screaming goo yo

Can't keep up with the new releases. I already need another cabinet and I haven't even put a single module in my new one. Dead Banana
Just me wrote:
I happen to like angry school girls in heat!

We now know WAY more about you than necessary! oops

(I did, however, bring it up. So where does that leave me?) Hmmmm. lol
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