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Universal Power Board: Euro STAR DISTRIBUTION?
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Author Universal Power Board: Euro STAR DISTRIBUTION?
Does this board feature star distribution, or are they daisy-chained like
the Doepfer bus boards?

I am reminded of this thread
Yeah, I was thinking of going "audiophile crazy".

What can I say, I like headroom.

I do experience a difference in fidelity between my 5U
rig and the Euro, even with Cwejman VCAs. Whether it's
placebo, I don't know. I don't even care. It's nagging my

I've got some digital modules in the Euro rig and want them
separate. I read noise can travel down the path from the
digital modules. Truth or fiction? Don't know.
Have you tried pulling all your euro modules except your Cwejman VCA, and work back from there? Perhaps you can run a 5U sound source through your Cwejman and compare from there. If you really get particular, I think there is some fuzziness in the less expensive modules. It can be tuned out if you are really careful, as I recall, so I don't think you have to spend necessarily, but Cwejman makes it easier.
The power pusher design is in a semi-star configuration, meaning that each board has a common ground point which ties to the CN37 terminal block, then four main branches sprout from that node. Each branch feeds a row on the board. The center row, which has MOTM/Modcan connectors CN27-CN30 and dotcom connectors CN15-CN18 has its ground routed to the cascade terminal block CN38. This creates a tree-type routing system which is better than a purely bussed or plane-type layout.

That being said, for all intents and purposes the row of euro connectors on the power pusher are bussed from one connector to the next.
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