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Add some stuff to empty space on MOTM 320
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Author Add some stuff to empty space on MOTM 320
I just finished MOTM 320 VC LFO, From the sale Its very nice and all, but i want to use some of that wasted space. I am thinking of moving the LED to below the shape knob,

then there is almost 1u worth of free space. (except 4 jacks at the bottom)

I could add a switch to the 4 outputs to a separate output, a "attenuverter" (powered from the board) and maybe a level shifted out so i can use it for controlling VCAs, and maybe a "el cheapo FET VCA" , active multiple other handy and "always need more" thing.

I would just put stickers for the controls now, but i am in process of CNCing my taig mill so i could eventually engrave a new panel for it. (by the time i am dont with the CNC conversion, i have most of the parts, its going to be a lot cheaper then front panel express each time i need something!)

what would you do with that space?
sample & hold? comparator? noise? anything?
sample and hold with gate/trig input would be useful, anything that gos well with a great LFO.

and oh wait, i have a few sample and hold chips smile
maybe you've seen this...

tellun makes a board that adds inverted outputs for the four lfo waveforms
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