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Recommend me a LPF for bass guitar?
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Author Recommend me a LPF for bass guitar?
I'd like to build a "classic"-ish 24db LPF for the bassist in one of my bands.
Think fat, smooth and overdrivable.
I plan on controlling it with an old Wah pedal I'll convert to CV source. Maybe build in an envelope follower too.

I'd like suggestions on a suitable build, pre-etched PCB preferred.
Ideally it will run off a single power source (rather than +/- so I don't have to dick around with transformers and psus), though I realise this may be asking too much.

Thanks, sk
been using the motm 1490 for dub bass a lot recently, overdrives really nicely and you can get deep down and dubby with it.
Babaluma wrote:
been using the motm 1490 for dub bass a lot recently, overdrives really nicely and you can get deep down and dubby with it.

Looks nice, but no DIY?

Edit, actually this looks like it: th=70&products_id=250

..but no gain control..
This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but I have been enjoying playing my bass thru Oakley modules:

EFG for Envelope and amplification, Superladder for that Moogy filter goodness and Overdrive. All have PCBs available, but they do require the +-15V...for which an Oakley Compact PSU might work very well. Or maybe a CGS power supply?

Sorry, I AM an Oakley fanboy. I admit it. I like them modules.

Otherwise, I just use the Moog MF-101 filter pedal. But that's not DIY.
Yeah I want to a) save some cash, and b) not get into buying another format of modules, thus the DIY route smile
Thinking some kinda LPF + CGS PSU & Stompbox adaptor.

Another interesting DIY project might be the rackmountable Oakley (yeah, yeah, I know, I repeat myself) Filtrex II. It has the envelope following etc. I've been thinking of this for my own bass rig.

Also, Tony is selling a completed PCVB here:
why not keep it simple and make it passive. you can boost it before or after with a separate pedal. a passive lpf looks like the tone control of a guitar. its just a pot and a cap. you can add caps and resistors across some areas of the circuit if you dont want the mid bump that results from using 1 cap only. if you want expression pedal control, just replace the pot with a vactrol (LED + LDR). if you want the clean boost in the same pedal just add a lm386 before or after or both. you can always upgrade to a better opamp too
overall: motm 440 is the most versatile LP.
input works with linelevel i think

motm 490 is a nice LP too, not as flexible in sound

yusynth arp clone is a nice LP too, vesatile in sound when patched up with FM and playing with Reso.

guess i played my bass mostly thru the papareil polivoks
( i havn't had the motm VCFs and can't remeber how the Yusynth arp was )
i would build the polivoks, not with the 2450 ICs, the others are better

Oakley SVF might be overall one of the most versatile VCFs for a band, not only bass.

deep down is a thing of calibration on most VCFs.............
The Polivoks circuit is great for bass guitar. A little more nontraditional tone though. But a great tone.
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