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Eagle questions
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Author Eagle questions
Hey people,

I've downloaded an installed the freeware version of Eagle to see if I can get along with it. Well I can a bit, but it sure takes some getting used to.
One problem I ran into is the library. I couldn't find a TL071/72/74 in there so I decided to try and find the .LBR file. Well I couldn't. I did on my search find the file for the Cliff jacks that I use so I was pretty happy about that. Problem is I can find no way to import it.

Can anybody help me out please?
Most opamps are in the 'Linear' library class.

You should also be able to search: eg using TL07* should bring them up.

It is quite a steep learning curve and is quirky as anything (like many engineering softwares!) but it is, I think, a great tool.
Thanks Bug,

Oh definitely a good tool, with the learning curve being definitely steep so far. I usually learn stuff from the help files but with this stuff no way. I'll just learn on the go. Drawing an understandable schematic is OK so far. Looking at the resulting board I felt kind of silly but I'll work that out.
So is there a way to automatically convert the result in an etching design, with the copper traces showing?
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