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Stereo Low pass filter kits?
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Author Stereo Low pass filter kits?
phase ghost
Looking for a diy stereo low pass filter kit or pcb. I assume one could make a mono filter stereo somehow, but I'm not sure how to go about that.

I'd prefer something ssm style as opposed to moog.

I'd be using this for running my sampler through and possibly other stereo synths.
I just tried to find the thread about Dr. Etch-a-Sketch's dual MS-20 style filter, but couldn't find it. Hmmm...
I believe I'm correct in saying you could just use a stereo jack on a kit and when you wire the output wire to both parts of the jack (don't remember if it's tip and sleeve). Then you could just use a stereo cable and get it on both parts of the cable.

The only thing I could see wrong here is paralleling the signal would alter your impedance, but it should be no different than multing the output of any other filter. Otherwise you could add a buffered multiples type circuit inside as if you were doing it externally.

As far as input goes, you could add a simple 2 channel mixer (summer) circuit and again use a stereo jack and wire the tabs to each input of the mixer and run it through the filter that way. You might have to reduce the signal on the output of the mixer so you don't overdrive your filter input.

Again, I believe what I am saying is correct, but if I am not, I'm sure someone will quickly correct me. There might be an easier way to do this, but at least with this method you can use any existing filter kit and just add these parts. I always thought having a stereo module would be useful.

Lastly, couldn't you just run mono in/out on your sampler?

Hope something here was useful.
Pick the filter of your choice and build 2. One for the Left, one for the Right. Wire all the CV signals together in parallel, use dual pots for controls.

You will have to trim the v/oct so they track really close to each other.
phase ghost
Thanks for the replies, I think I have an idea of what to do.
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