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Boots & Bombers -- new Desktop EndCheek designs
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Author Boots & Bombers -- new Desktop EndCheek designs
I thought I'd post these publicly so that the people I've been chatting about them with can all see what's going on. They're yet to be fabricated, but I should be placing an order shortly.

All will be 3mm aluminium with plain holes drilled (to accept 4mm bolts into the frames).

Two Booty designs - three- & four-rack

The aim is to have two/three frames near upright and then a bottom frame for things like TouchPanels/Controllers.
(both of these could, of course, be used the 'other way up' if required)

A small panel is required between the angles to avoid cable-bump. This will again be fabricated in 3mm aluminium, in a U shape with mounting tabs at each end - these will have captive nutserts on them for affixing.

Some people had wondered whether 'something' could be built into such horizontal spacers, but I think that'd add too much complexity to the design and you'd probably then need further spacings, again to avoid cable-bump..

4 Frame - Stealth Bomber

Gently increasing the slopes and some more nice curves.

Bet these will look nice 'in the flesh'.
WoW! Fantastic stuff, Tom!
you must be inside my head !
(sorry that the measurements are a bit blurry -- should have pre-sized the images rather than using the forum's max.size function).

Cheers Kent & Randy!
Nice thumbs up

These gonna be in Bugbrand blue?
They all look great Tom! nanners Keep on amazing!
darenager wrote:
Nice thumbs up

These gonna be in Bugbrand blue?

ha! I very much doubt that, but it would be sweet! But bright red like the old bugbrand t-shirts be even sweeter
Daren jogged my mind!
(sorry it is months since we chatted about it)
I'll chat to the metal place about it - checking back old correspondence it should be possible but I'll have to check.
I want a double bomber screaming goo yo
I'm thinking of painting mine bright orange – a Kandinsky Bug thumbs up
BugBrand! cookie?!?
I'm definately going to give my BugBrand system the Boot now! Or should I bomb it?

BugBrand logo on the spacing panel would be nice thumbs up

Just looking at the designs, there seems to be less "lip" at the sides, ie, the sides of the rack are not too much higher than the racks, is this the case? Would be nice, much easier for tweaking modules at the end of racks
Looking into powder-coat options again now.
Leatherette finish in RAL colours - should give good finish, scratch resistant and wide choice of colours (though probably I will have to choose just one colour)

Yes, there is less 'lip'!

Bug Logo -- almost certainly impossible...
darenager hart-Web.jpg

5002, 5010 look like good matches thumbs up
RAL 5010 is what we're going with!
Partly recommended as the metal-place always have this in stock.
Sweet! That looks like a nice match thumbs up

Guinness ftw!
Beautiful !
so much fun!

(click images for hires version)

3 Frame Boot

4 Frame Boot

4 Frame Bomber

Detail of the blue leatherette powder coat and the central bar for the two boot designs.

My personal setup - the final 3-space gap should be filled early next week (with Matrix Mix Module)

Module list::
2 x SYN2A rev1 XR09VCO // 3 x SYN2A rev2 Utility VCO // E350 Morphing Terrarium // DD1 rev2 Modulator / LPG // 2 x PRC3A rev1 SV Filter // UTL1 Dual Preamp (rev2 which doesn't work properly! to be replaced!)

SYN1 Weevil beta (really early one) // 2 x ENV1 rev1 Attack Decay // ENV1 rev2 Attack Decay // 2 x DD2 rev2 LFO/DCMixer // PRC2 BugCrusher // UTL3 Dual VCA // PRC4 Dual LPG // DD3 VCA/Drive Beta

SYN3 Digital Shift Prototype //. CLK2A Divisions // CLK2B Binary Division // CLK3A Triple Logic // CTL3 8 Stage Preset Proto // 2 x PRC1 PT Delay // UTL5 Fade/Pan Beta

CTL2 rev2 Joystick/Touch // CTL1 rev2 Touch Panel // UTL4 Dual DC Mixer // space for UTL2C Matrix Mixer // UTL2 Output Mix // UTL2B Outputs
Sweet bejeebers Tom..your setup is insanity in a box.
Superb Tom.
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