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Time Modules Sequencer Music
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Author Time Modules Sequencer Music
New Soundcloud piece

Phase IV

This is all sequenced in one take using the Suit & Tie Guy Time Modules sequencing suite.
The Eventide Time Factor, and PitchFactor pedals also used for FX.
No keyboard was touched in the making of this music. 8_)
really enjoyed that a lot. did the asr come into play there?
Thanks Dude. No ASR's used in this production. Just the Time Modules.
wasn't sure if the asr got somehow grouped in 8_) . anyway, you harnessed some magic.
The organium type sound, which might sound a bit ASR-ish, is a sequenced output as a stereo pair put through the Eventide PitchFactor, then mixed live.

I need to find a way to send more channels out to a small external mixer to have better control of my mix. When these live performances get laid to tape, there is no way to go in and fix it. So best to do it at the mixer it think.
I agree. Very Hoenig-like.

How many VMS and TMS were used?
Very nice.

Is this "in tune", it's sounds so musical.
kindredlost wrote:
I agree. Very Hoenig-like.

How many VMS and TMS were used?

Thanks David, "Departure From The Northern Wasteland" is one of my favorite CDs. Though I haven't played it in years. So I'l have to listen again.

I have 4 Voltage Mini Store modules, 1 Trigger Mini Store, a Time Divider, and Shift Manager. The VMS modules were sent through the Q171 & Q172 Quantizers I have. So it should be in tune.

I've found that the Quantizer Bank outputs, if put through a Mult, are stable enough to send accurate pitch info to other oscillators.
So all seven of my oscillators were used to run this.
The Quantizer mult outs were used to double patch some oscillators to transpose the sequences.

This was done by putting an Encore UEG through a Quantizer Channel, then a 2 Bar clock from the Time Divider ran a very slow advance stage gate on the UEG.

The Mobuis was used to send DIN sync to drive the Time Modules.

This patch was so full of patch cords, that it was difficult to get my hand in there to change the mix levels sometimes. So I'm getting a little Mackie mixer to handle that chore for live stuff in the future. That will hopefully eliminate stuck points in the mix. When your laying it down live, it's impossible to take anything back.

I'm going to do a lot more live stuff because it was so much fun. nanners
Thanks for posting this!

I just paid for my own quantiser bank yesterday. I'm so excited.
Among the least boring things I've heard for quite a while 8_)
A fantastic performance! we're not worthy
Thanks KNYST and others for your kindness. 8_)
this is great!!!
This is awesome! Sorry I missed it until now! we're not worthy
Thanks go out to patchdub and to John. I really appreciate the feedback guys!

I'm waiting for the STG Archangel sequencer to get working and in my hands so that I can do some more demos.
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