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anyone willing to demo syn1 Weevil?
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Author anyone willing to demo syn1 Weevil?
Hi everyone - I'd love to hear some demos of this module in action - thanks
[edit] saw in another thread you already have syn2a's

are you're looking for weevil sound demos? i thought there was only syn1. (without the a)
Thanks for the correction - yeah - the SYN1 modular - trying to understand what it sounds like - also seems like alot of people use it as a clocking module as well - I'd like to hear a bit of what it can do !
I edited the title for you!

I don't have one here at the workshop to do a demo.

There's a Youtube called Weeviling which demonstrates some of the rhythmics:

The SYN1 took a different circuit approach to the standalone Weevils - it was much less chaotic and I think it lost something because of that. I'm working on a new version at the moment..
Hi Randy

here's a demo I just knocked up using the weevil as a clock source, hopefully its easy to hear what its doing with this patch, its a great module for this. Haven't used it much as a sound source yet. Will try to do a demo later if I get time.

Weevil Demo for Radams

Each osc out of weevil is firing an envelope that are each ringing an SV filter, 1st SV is going through BugCrusher, this is the more constant beat. SV 2 is FM'd by a Syn2A, SV 3 is being modulated by a BugCrusher on sample and hold setting (this also modulates the Syn2A doing the Fm, this is clocked by the ring mod output of the weevil (set to 1/2/3). Weevil osc out 3 is also modulating the Q of SV 1. Joystick1 XY is controlling rate of weevil osc 2/3, joystick2 X is controlling starve and a pressure channel of a CTL1 is controlling weevil osc1 rate. weevil is set to sync 1/2 and 1/3. until the end when this is switched off.
Good sounds!
Thank you guys so much - this is a great help - it also reminds me how well the modules integrate with one another - the CTL's make real time performance patches flow - and Dan - your demo is a great reminder of how good the SV filters ping - thanks so much - Radams
Hey Randy - there's also a couple of sounds on the Modular Audio page::
Inspiring task. Had to try too!

part1 - SYN1 as sound source, heavily starved, modulated by LFO

part2 - SYN1 as sound source, modulated by LFO

part3 - SYN1 as clocks, modulating SV Filter + PT delay. SYN2A XR09VCO-PWM triangle as sound source.
Thanks so much - getting a clearer idea now - great demos on the modular page by Tom - RQuirk - and Cat-A-Tonic - as always KNYST - the NOISE does heal - I think I may have had a kidney stone but all the square waves modulating broke them up ! Mr. Green
thumbs up

Nice that everyone's examples are so different from each other. A fun listen!

Guinness ftw!
True - the versatility of the modules really open up each individuals imagination !
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