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Env1 comparison?
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Author Env1 comparison?
I'm quite attched to my pair of (modded) Plan B M10s and Malekko Envelators - especially for the deliciously percussive way that each of them work with LPGs, but in reality I think I'd need to unload something if I were to go with a couple of Tom's Env1s.

(I have to keep reminding me that I"m supposed to be replacing my euro with Bugbrand and Serge, not just augmenting it and getting more and more skint

So I wonder how these envelopes compare?
I have not used the Malekko or Plan B envelopes, but have used quite a few other brands (Doepfer, Blacet, Roland, etc)

I really like the ENV1, it has very nice responses and some very useful modes, I don't think you will be disappointed Richard, if I had to sum them up I'd say they are very natural sounding with enough bite when you need it, most of the stuff I do with them is percussive and they work great for me.

I know what you mean re the envelators, I love the hold function when in cycle and the x10 pullpot, but the invertible attenuators on the Env's do it for me so I can get different shapes without involving other mixers or inverters. I'd say that the envelators, serge transient generators & bugbrand env's are all from the same extended family.

the m10 is nice as well, still have one here (plus a broken one in a box), best bouncy LFO I've ever used
i recall being as happy with the env1 fed back to its cv input for exponential response in the same way i was very happy with my envelator in the same configuration. never used planb envelopes.
thanks guys

okay, so it looks like the when the time comes the envelators might be hitting the dust...

I'm emotionally unable to consider parting with the M10s - especially since mine are Stincombed and therefore almost the only two in the world that actually work properly and are unable to blow themselves up
env1 rocks. ive had the m10, blacet dad and a few others, perfect combination of features and the manual push button is very stout and available.. super fun
Env1 great for snappy stuff, I did like the loop delay on the envelator but this is easy replicated with 2 env1
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