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RackPlanner 1.3
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Author RackPlanner 1.3
RackPlanner will automatically scale them to fit but be reasonable. Nearly all of the images in use so far are from manufacturer's web sites so they are a reasonable size, maybe a bit on the small side. Most of the euro format images are 300px tall.
Kent wrote:

If not, can I lay out my Frac stuff in another window without borking my Euro Planner? Can I hop back & forth between the two? Can this be explained to a stone-tablet-weilding, Cuneiform-chiseling, Luddite like myself in 2-syllable words?

You can specify the rack xml on the command line. So you can have a different rack xml for each format. Then create a shortcut for each so that the shortcut opens Rack Planner with the rack xml.

So for example, your shortcuts could be called EuroRack.lnk, FracRack.lnk, and Modcan.lnk. Your rack xml files would be called EuroRack.xml, FracRack.xml and Modcan.xml. You could then have three different module directories EuroRack, FracRack and Modcan. Each rack xml would point to the corresponding module directory.

No problem having multiple instances of Rack Planner open, so you can have all three open in separate windows simultaneously. You can use the Save As JPG option to make jpgs of each, but you would have to combine the images manually if you want them in the same pic.

Hey Doug, Another vote for multi-format planner!
By the way. Is a Save As feature possible? As it is you have to copy the rack file, copy the shortcut, and then edit the shortcut to refer to the copy of the rack file.

Save As should be pretty easy, but multiformat goes straight to the architecture. One of the key features is the limitless work area based on the simple concept of a repeating background image. Abandon that and the usability suffers in my opinion.

Banana, something is wonky in the forum and it looks like your original post got lost! Ah, no I htink I hit edit instead of quote, or something. Not used to being a moderator. Sorry about that. Regarding the scaling across formats. Jsut get your background images on the same scale and you should be fine, I think.
looks like your original post got lost!
No great loss.
Regarding the scaling across formats. Jsut get your background images on the same scale and you should be fine, I think.
I'll have to look into that. I need to write a rack generator!
Being a bit pedantic, as well as completely unable to properly correlate model number with function without the aid of a chart,, can I suggest a few more explanatory names (and a couple of other corrections) for some of the Doepfer modules in the Library? Ive already changed them for myself.

incorrect model number
Doepfer_E_A-100 Standard -> Doepfer_E_A-110 Standard (Wrong model number)

inconsistent name style
Doepfer_E_A135 -> Doepfer_E_A-135
Doepfer_E_A144 Morph -> Doepfer_E_A-144 Morph
Doepfer_E_A145 -> Doepfer_E_A-145
Doepfer_E_A182 Switched -> Doepfer_E_A-182 Switched

duplicated between common style and inconsistent version
Doepfer_E_A143-2 Quad (The more consistent Doepfer_E_A-143-2 Quad seems to exist as well)

model number only, no description -> Doepfer_E_A-101-1 Steiner -> Doepfer_E_A-101-3 Vactrol -> Doepfer_E_A-106-1 Xtreme -> Doepfer_E_A-106-6 XP 16 fold expander -> Doepfer_E_A-108 6-48db
Doepfer_E_A-111 -> Doepfer_E_A-111 High End -> Doepfer_E_A-114 Dual Ring -> Doepfer_E_A-118 Noise and -> Doepfer_E_A-125 VC Phase -> Doepfer_E_A-129-3 Vocoder Slew -> Doepfer_E_A-130 Linear -> Doepfer_E_A-131 Exponential -> Doepfer_E_A-132-3 Dual Lin-Exp -> Doepfer_E_A-134-2 Dual VC -> Doepfer_E_A-136 -> Doepfer_E_A-137-2 Wave Multiplier -> Doepfer_E_A-138a Linear -> Doepfer_E_A-138a Exp. -> Doepfer_E_A-138e Quad -> Doepfer_E_A-140 -> Doepfer_E_A-143-1 Quad -> Doepfer_E_A-143-3 Quad -> Doepfer_E_A-147 VC -> Doepfer_E_A-149-1 Quantized-Stored Random -> Doepfer_E_A-149-2 Digital Random -> Doepfer_E_A-152 Voltage Addressed Switch - Shift -> Doepfer_E_A-154 Enhanced Sequencer -> Doepfer_E_A-154 Enhanced Sequencer -> Doepfer_E_A-155 Analog -> Doepfer_E_A-156 Dual
Doepfer_E_A-160 Clock -> Doepfer_E_A-160 Clock -> Doepfer_E_A-161 Clock
Doepfer_E_A-162 Trig -> Doepfer_E_A-162 Trigger -> Doepfer_E_A-165 Trigger -> Doepfer_E_A-166 Dual Logic -> Doepfer_E_A-170 Slew -> Doepfer_E_A-175 Dual Voltage -> Doepfer_E_A-183-1 Dual -> Doepfer_E_A-183-2
Doepfer_E_A-187-1 -> Doepfer_E_A-187-1 VC -> Doepfer_E_A-188-1C 2048 stage BBD -> Doepfer_E_A-188-1A 512 stage BBD -> Doepfer_E_A-188-2 Tapped BBD -> Doepfer_E_A-189-1 -> Doepfer_E_A-190-3 Polyphonic MIDI -> Doepfer_E_A-190-1 MIDI -> Doepfer_E_A-196 -> Doepfer_E_A-198 Ribbon

Ive also submitted a couple of dozen missing Doepfer modules; stupidly though I named the first three or four 'A1xx-blah' rather than 'A-1xxx blah' as seems to be the 'consistent' way, which is a bit ironic.
thumbs up Wow, thanks for all the contributed modules and for this list. I confess to having started this thing without much of a plan. The naming convention has evolved and one of the shifting parts of that is how wordy to make the zip file names. Since Doug made the file picker window resizable I've been more inclined to use descriptive names and not just numbers. Still, "Doepfer_E_A-109 Voltage Controlled Signal" is a bit much. I think I'd rename that one to "Doepfer_E_A-109 VC Signal"

I'll try to spend some time this weekend going over the Doepfer names and probably will revise the library layout to work better on smaller screens. The euro part of the collection has gotten huge. I suppose that's partly because the euro modules sizes vary so much and a planner helps you fill the racks without leftover spaces. I'd love to see some more activity in the other sections though.
BananaPlug wrote:
Still, "Doepfer_E_A-109 Voltage Controlled Signal" is a bit much. I think I'd rename that one to "Doepfer_E_A-109 VC Signal"

you're quite right.

ive just added four more modules that I needed to be able to reproduce my existing system; two Doepfer modules I'd inexplicably missed the first time round, and the two Plan B filters I own.

Now to actually do some planning, for my intended move from 4x6U racks to 4x9U...
computer controlled
I've noticed a thin vertical line about 3/4 of the way to the right. Is this the 84hp line?
computer controlled
I thought so =o]
NM! Answered my own question. Nice piece of work!
Wow eek!

I just now read this thread, damn good work! And thanks to whomever made the foh zips!

I've always been a Java dork, so it's cool to see it being used like this. An idea:
The previous mentions of drawing patches directly in this app got me thinking about how to implement it. I haven't looked at your code yet (or if it is even available uncompiled), but how about adding an IO instance class to the Module class? The module should know how many IO it has, and each IO would store its location (relative to some point - say, bottom left corner - of the module panel image or whatever is the location point for the module on the rack), "plugged" boolean, possibly a "to" reference for the plug, and maybe a descriptive String. Then you could use those points to draw cords.

The data for the above could be added to the XML file - I assume these are parsed by the main program - so anyone could add them in.
To make the IO coordinates simple for anyone to add to the XML file, it would be easiest to just have a grid overlay the image and just select which square the jack lies in.

OK, I'll shut up now & go solder.
Hi thanks for the nice feedback. The cool thing is that the module zips are open, so anyone can add to the xml and do whatever they want with them. Bananaplug really took off with this idea, and he's done an awesome job. A patch program could be completely separate, or integrated. Either way. Rack Planner just got the ball rolling smile
Hey flight,
If you were to come up with a scheme for storing the IO locations and an app for working with that stuff, I'd be interested in talking about web support, maybe a patch library. Lot's of issues come to mind (multi-format systems?). If your thinking of doing this let's talk before you get a lot of code written.
Although I'd love to work on this, I doubt I have enough free time to devote to it. I can mull it over for a while though, and see what I can come up with. May I see the source code to get an idea of what would be needed to implement this?
Hi folks new version (1.0.7) of RackPlanner is now available. Added File->Open and File->Save As.

See first post of this thread for the download link.

If you already have RackPlanner and you want to upgrade, just extract the file RackPlanner.jar from and save it over your current one. Nothing else changed.

here is my design:a cross between your planner and my girlfriends photoshoping thanks to everyone for their help!
Rack Planner looks like a very nice tool. Can I mix and match different rack formats? Euro mixed with Blacet, mixed with 1U full width, etc.?

dingebre wrote:
Rack Planner looks like a very nice tool. Can I mix and match different rack formats? Euro mixed with Blacet, mixed with 1U full width, etc.?


Hi David, you can have multiple instances of Rack Planner running at the same time. You can save and manage racks and modules in separate areas. You can't however mix formats within a single Rack Planner instance.

You can support any rack format you can imagine, provided the module heights don't vary within the rack, and the rack widths don't vary within the rack. So 1U will work fine, and a full rack-width system (like Serge) will work. You just need a rack background image and module images. Rack Planner will scale the modules to fit the rack image height.

PM me if you need assistance.
Hi folks, I have just released a new version of Rack Planner (version 1.0.8).

1) Rack filename now appears on the title bar.
2) Module delete added to the menu and Ctrl+D. I found out that the DEL key was not working on Macs.
3) You can now edit the Rack Properties (scale, rows, cols, etc.) from within the program.

The last one is a huge improvement (and a lot of work), so don't hesitate to upgrade. I know some of you are on old versions, and there have been a lot of changes since the beginning (we're on the eighth release). See the first post of this thread for the upgrade link.

yay for doug!!! nanners thank you sir!!! It's peanut butter jelly time!
Ha ha, thanks. w00t
In queue:

# Flight Of Harmony_F_Plague
# BugBrand_F_CTL1 (the July version of this module)
# Livewire_E_Dual

Mistakes d'oh!
# (wrong image)
# (already up)
# (already up)
# (already up)
# (already up)
# Livewure_E_Dual (typo)

Sorry - I need to sleep...!
such a great utility for not only planing a rack but also rearranging a rack.
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