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ADDAC System - 80X Mixers
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Author ADDAC System - 80X Mixers

Here's some more detailed info on the ADDC801 and ADDAC802 Mixers
There'll be more about the other modules announced soon!

ADDAC801 Simple Mixer
3 channel mixer with normal and inverted* outputs

*through a jumper the inverted channel can also be selected as a normal channel

for the 802 there'll be 2 versions:

ADDAC802 VC Audio Mixer
5 channel input with individual VCA's and Attenuators
1 Mix Output with independent VCA

yes! lovely! how many hp's?
4HP and 8HP
These look great.!
really beautiful. I think you are building some of the finest *feeeling* modules out there. I look forward to reading more details about the other modules you have in the works.
very nice, I like the fact all the knobs are at the top of the module unlike the STG .mix modules.
i'm hoping these are out soon! i'm holding off for em
ADDAC802 are out!
That's great! Without trying to be pesty, how are the 801's coming?
ADDAC801 are coming soon,
i made a small mistake in the first pcbs, waiting for the new ones!
I would really like to buy the ADDAC802 are they coming to analogue haven or anything?
Yes, They are on their way to AH, in a couple week will be available!

all the very best
Great, I will buy one as soon as they put them up. thanks!
are the vcas in the ADDAC802 VC Audio Mixer linear or exponential? thx!
The VCA's are exponential
all the very best
Love the modules in theory, don't own any yet.
But what's the practical difference between ADDAC802 VC Audio Mixer
and ADDAC802B VC Audio Mixer with Overdriven Outputs?

What do the 'overdriven outputs' do differently to the normal outputs?
Meanwhile I changed the 802 board in order to avoid the distinction between overdriven and not...
So now there,s a trimmer in the back whee you can set the max volume of the module, when set all the way up it overdrives / clips the audio signal!

Arcade Sinusoid
Hello at addac
I recently bought this vc mixer from AH I have not received it yet but was wondering if you could shine some light on the funtions of this module for me.

1-For instance is it a useful module for processing/attenuating audio?

2 How do the knobs react when nothing is plugged to the vca? Are they bipolar?

3 How do the knobs react with a envelope/cv plugged into the vca?

I would appreciate some insight. This is my first addac module and i'm really looking forward to it! I love what you guys are doing module wise fantastic stuff! Really thinking about doing a whole individual addac system! Keep up the good work and i look forward to hearing back from you!
I'm considering the 802 to park next to my oscillators as a mid-system mix+VCA solution, and potentially as a drum voice mixer. Anyone using these who cares to comment on them?
Arcade Sinusoid
Alot of my Q's have been cleared up thanks to cathartech! Guinness ftw! I will throw some patches on soundcloud by the weekend!
an expander for individual vca outs with output gain would be rad!
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