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substitute for 1.5mF cap
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Author substitute for 1.5mF cap
Hi, we are building the VC-LFO module, but we have problems to source the 1.5mF caps in our local stores. This is specified as a polyester cap rated at 63V. On the other hand, we can buy a tantalum one rated at 35V. Being absolute n00bs, we wonder if this 63V rating is necessary or we can replace the cap for the tantalum one ... or even by an electrolytic one?
that's the ring mod module, not the lfo, sorry
You can chose a cap with voltage rating of 35V or over. However, you can't use a tantalum or electrolytic since these are both polarised, ie. they need a DC voltage across them to work properly.

So you'll need a decent cap like a polyester, polypropylene or C0G ceramic.

Values from 680nF to 2u2 are quite fine. But the higher the value the better the bass response.

Well, I didn't even know they were polar, these don't look like it, I think both legs are the same. Anyway, that's enough info to get us going, thanks a lot!
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