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Blacet Time Machine dilemma
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Author Blacet Time Machine dilemma
I have a Blacet Time machine kit minus the panel/knobs etc...... that I bought back in 2004 thinking I was going to put the unit into a MOTM synth.

Well, now I have switched to Frac and was curious about building the kit to go into the Frac rack. The first order of business is getting a panel seeing they are no longer made.

Does anyone know or should I say have an .fdb file available for the Time Machine in Frac format? I would think Front Panel Express would be a better way to go to keep a professional look. I have used a local Trophy engraver for prebought blanks that have worked out nice.

Any thoughts?
Muff Wiggler
Not a bad dilemma to have, overall! 8)

From everything I've seen on the various mailing lists over the last couple of years, I do not think you'll have much luck locating an official panel. May want to email John Blacet and ask if he has a cosmetic reject still lying around, but that's a long shot.

Also may want to send a message to the MOTM list, perhaps there's someone there who built one from a 'regular' Blacet kit (not the MOTM kit) and thusly may have a frac panel unused. I recall those getting bought up last year though - still a long shot

Best bet is, like you said, FPE. I don't have a FPD file for it, but if you download and install the (free) Front Panel Designer software, you'll see that its very easy to design the panel yourself.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the info, I will take a look at FPE. It has been sitting too long.
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